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 Illustrative Picture

1. System for hazardous waste disposal+ The system includes two static incinerators burning hazardous waste.
+ Capacity of each furnace is 1000 Kg / h.
+ Auxiliary system to control exhaust emissions:
    1. Treatment smoke system.
    2. Dust recovery system.
    3. Four flue gas cooling tower.
    4. Four smoke washing tower.
    5. The cooling tank.
    6. The wash water treatment tank fumes.
    7. Smoke exhaust pipe 32 m

 2. Waste water treatment system

+ Contaminated liquid waste is handled by a system of waste water treatment.
+ Power design 10 m3/hr
+ Total volume of tanks: 1200 m3
+ Water running out of the system is type B.
+ Waste water after treatment and sent back to storage tanks with a volume of 600 m3 storage tank and then pumped to smoke handling systems and cooling system.

 3. Recycling System - barrel cleaning
+ Perform rotation and centrifugal high pressure pumps to wash drums.
+ Drum after cleaning is transferred through the device with compressed air to blow shaped drum.
+ Waste water in the cleaning process is put in water treatment systems.
 4. Reuse system waste solvent - waste oil+ Handling of waste solvents and waste oil.
+ Waste solvent is entered to the filtration tank (the filtration tank including filters, the walls) then the solvent is run through the next stop, then is pumped through filters and then inject into the crystal tower reservoir. Finally pump on the burner to heat the waste incinerators.

 5. Concrete system - fixed ash wasteAsh after burning of waste will be concreted into the plate in order to fix ash. 
 6. Transportation+ The company has invested in facilities and equipment for the collection and transportation of hazardous waste outside. The company also partnered with the transportation unit which is meet standards of agencies' environmental management of Vietnam on collection and transportation of hazardous waste.
+ Total number of registered vehicles for transportation of cars is 10 with many categories and loads to meet most needs for hazardous waste transportation.
 7. Storage+ The entire storage area for hazardous waste classification of an area of ​​nearly 7000 m2, is located in sheltered workshops.
+ The factory system recovery of waste sewage leaking and focus on the central processor to be dispersed into the environment 

8. Treatment system of waste fluorescent lampsWaste product fluorescences lamp-glass is processed on a below low-pressure turnaround plant systems (200 - 500 mmHg).. 
9. Pretreatment waste lead system.+ Lead emissions from the battery, and other devices are pre-processed by removing the skin, the acid to separate out the lead core.
+ The lead core is used for transfering to recycling unit.

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