Thursday, January 23rd, 2020


1. Industrial waste - hazardous waste treatment services  alt

+ Solid waste that can burn.
+ Solid saste medical and pharmaceutical products.
+ Waste containing organic solvents.
+ The type of sludge, oil
+ Inert waste, waste oil mixture liquid wastes
+ The packaging contaminated with hazardous substances
+ ...

 2. Environmental Consulting Services 
+ Make environmental impact assessment, make commitments and  scheme of environment protection
+ Environmental analysis and reports of periodically monitoring environments.
+ Sign up waste owner, waste water discharge permits.
+ Consulting cleaner production (raw material savings, save energy, reduce waste generated, recycling reusable waste sources, waste exchange, ... effective in the process of economic production activities.
+ Compile dossiers of application for permit to exploit surface water and groundwater levels.

3. Waste water treatment
+ Petrochemical Industry
+ Food Industry
+ Chemical Industry
+ Water Fisheries
+ Medical waste, restaurants, hotels, ...

4. Environmental Engineering
+ Design, construction, fabrication, maintenance and operation of an incinerator
+ Recycling and scrap metal waste.
+ Plastic Recycling.
+ Recycling barrel.

5. Trading
+ Trading scrap 


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